National Caregiver Month


“During National Family Caregivers Month, we salute the people who play difficult and exhausting roles, and we recommit to lifting up these Americans as they care for their loved ones while protecting their dignity and individuality.” Barack Obama


 November is National Caregiver Month! In 2014, President Obama designated this month to honor and commemorate those who act as supporters and helpers of our country’s sick and elderly. At APC, we’re excited to take part in order to pay our gratitude to the hundreds of providers in our employ who spend their days in service to others.  


Caregiving is not an easy job; in fact it can be quite demanding on many levels. Our providers pour themselves out physically, mentally, and emotionally to make sure that their patients’ needs are met. Being a caregiver or provider requires much personal self-sacrifice as those being cared for often have round-the-clock need for assistance.  


We want to take this month to appreciate those who are the biggest support for our country’s ill and elderly in their day-to-day life. Thank you to all of the providers at APC who are so full of compassion and understanding for those in your care. Your passionate willingness to provide excellent care does not go unnoticed.  


We truly appreciate you and all that you do!