Tips to Help Home-Bound Loved Ones in 2022

Whether you are a caretaker for an ailing or dependent family member or you have one of our qualified Providers there to assist, there are extra little ways to increase the comfort of your loved one. We have compiled some tips to help make them feel more comfortable and at ease while bringing some normalcy to their lives.



Check on their mental health. Being home-bound can have a negative impact on a person’s mental health. If they have recently lost their independence and autonomy, it can be difficult to accept that they must rely on someone else as they go about their day. Some people who become home-bound can often develop depression and anxiety, so make efforts to check in with their mental health. If they do express or show symptoms of anxiety or depression, you can take measures to get help for them by contacting their healthcare provider.


Spend quality time with them. Making time for regular social visits is an easy way to lift someone’s spirits and let them know you care. Being home-bound can be lonely for many. Understanding your loved one’s social needs can help you gauge how often a visit would be appreciated. Visiting at least once a week is a good place to start.  


Take them on outings. Taking your loved one to their favorite restaurant, to the movies, to the park, to visit a friend or family member, or even for a scenic drive are great ways to help them feel refreshed and rejuvenated. As long as it is feasible to take them along with their necessary medical items and as long as the venue has accommodations — such as a wheelchair ramp and handicap parking designation — getting your loved one out of the house can help their mental health.


Keep them connected. If they are unable to leave their homes or home visits are not possible, make sure there are other ways that they can get updates from their friends and family. Technology is a great way to help them keep in touch through text messages, phone calls, FaceTime, videos, email, and other platforms. Help them get equipped and familiar with the latest technology so that they can stay connected with the people they love.


We hope you found these tips to be helpful! We are sure that your loved one will appreciate any of these efforts. If you are currently the caretaker for your family member and would like to talk to us about getting one of our qualified Providers in the home, get in touch with us today! We are proud to assist thousands of patients each year, making their lives more comfortable and safe in their own homes.