What is Home Health Care?

You may be wondering if Home Health Care is right for you or your loved one. Do you need Home Health Care or just Home Care? What are the benefits of Home Health Care verses staying in the hospital?

Home Health Care vs Home Care

While the terms are similar, there can be some confusion between Home Health Care and Home Care.

Home Care

Home Care is assistance provided in the home for everyday tasks that you or your loved ones can no longer do alone with ease. This includes bathing, hygiene, preparing meals, escorts to medical appointments, and housekeeping. Home Care services are covered by Medicaid for those who qualify.
Home Health Care

Home Health Care is medical services provided in the home that have been recommended by a doctor. Traditionally provided only in hospitals and clinics, these services require skilled nurses or therapists. You or your loved one may require Home Health Care for a chronic health condition or for a period of recovery from an illness, injury, or surgery. A partial list of Home Health Care services provided by APC include:
  • Lab Draws
  • Cardiovascular Care
  • Catheter Care
  • Diabetes Education
  • Wound Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
Home Health Care services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurance companies for patients who qualify.

Home Health Care vs Hospital

Many patients begin Home Health Care after a hospital stay, especially after a surgery or injury. The availability of Home Health Care provides the option of less time in the hospital.
A study published in The American Journal of Accountable Care in March 2019 compared Medicare patients admitted from the Emergency Department to those sent home with a recommendation of Home Health Care. The study found that Home Health Care recipients:

  • Cost of care was approximately 70% of the cost of those hospitalized.
  • Were 10% less likely to need hospitalization/rehospitalization.
  • Had fewer return ER visits, though not significantly fewer.
Home Health Care nurses can provide hospital quality care within the comforts of your home. Many patients heal faster under the care of a Home Health Care service, partly because of the relationship built between the provider and the patient.

APC Can Help

If a doctor has recommended Home Care or Home Health Care for you or your family member, please contact us via the referral form on our website. Someone from our location closest to you will contact you to assess your needs and set up your care.