Work with APC Home HEalth

Here at APC Home Health Service, we know it takes a special type of person to provide skilled and compassionate home care services. APC staff members often serve as surrogate caregivers and friends when family members or loved ones can’t be present. We are always looking for employees who are caring, understanding, patient and dependable – and have a passion for helping others. But how can you know if this is a right fit for you? Before applying, consider if the following describes a type of position you are interested in.


  • Being a friend- A career in home health means that you are closely working with individuals on a one-to-one basis. Often becoming a friend in addition to providing care, will make a bigger difference in the life of the patient. If you enjoy making a friend, and enhancing the quality of life for others, then this is a perfect fit for you! The privilege of making a difference

  • Making someone’s life more manageable- Providing for those with disabilities is rewarding, when we realize we are making someone’s life better. Tasks like grooming, bathing, eating and mobility can be challenging for some people, but doing meaningful home health care can offer comfort for these clients as they accomplish everyday living.

  • Being in a home setting- At APC Home Health, we provide care for all types of needs in the comfort of our patient’s homes. Working from the patient's home makes it possible to provide quality high-technology care in a setting that is peaceful for both the care provider and the patient.

  • Growing in your career- A career with APC Home Health is a rewarding field because of the opportunity for growth and development in your career. If you like the idea of working towards advancements in this field then you will enjoy working with us.

  • Home health care is in HIGH DEMAND- Home health care is a well known position that is continuously in high demand, as people never stop aging. Knowing that you are needed in the industry is both rewarding and proves to be fruitful as a career path.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions. Apply today if any of these attributes describes your desired career path. We can’t wait to have you on board!